My story

"What do you get when you cross a weeping willow and an UFO? A crying saucer."

That is how the joke I found online would go. You humans have a really weird concept of us. 

Sadly, when you cross a weeping willow and an UFO you get my pretty spaceship, as you people like to call it, which seems to be leaking because of the the willow branch stuck in its engine. 

Being in Croatia for the last year has taught me that you cannot entrust a human mechanic to fix a spaceship - so I'll have to do it all on my own. 
Which means I'll have to prolong my mission for six more months - but maybe, just maybe that might save them.
And by them I mean the human race. 

By the way, my name is Neluna and I come from the plant Mars. I speak Martian, English, German and  Denglisch, which humans here do not seem to consider a legit language, but I don't care. I even made my title Denglisch. 
Denglisch has... swag.

I am on a time-sensitive mission of determining if human kind is worth saving or can be destroyed in order to populate Earth with another race. So far, they haven't actually knocked me off my feet to be honest. But I guess my spaceship crashing is a sign I should give them more time.

So I'll do just that. Give them six more months to prove me they're worth saving. 

So, Rostock, Germany - are you ready?